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Spare a Minute For The Legacy of Golconda

We, at GOLCONDA Corrosion Control (P) Ltd., located almost next to the famous Golconda Fort, have 'Resisting Corrosion' as our motto.

More than half a millennium old, Golconda fort is unique in many ways. On one hand it fascinates modern engineers with its acoustic based fail safe security system, weather proof palaces and living quarters and piped water supply system using earthen pipes at different heights. On the other, it provides a lesson or two in the art of warfare with its imposing parapets and specially designed cannon posts with long firing cannons deployed in mutual support such that no attacking force could approach it within a mile and a half! No wonder, it defied the mighty Moghuls and remained unconquered till the end. It was ultimately taken by deceit. Just as the fort is an icon of tough resistance to any attacking force of the time, GOLCONDA Corrosion Control (P) Ltd. symbolizes resist against any kind of Corrosion.

Headed by a dynamic engineer with over two decades of on-job experience in Corrosion Prevention Solutions, in the Middle East and ably supported by dedicated team of technical and managerial staff, we strive to offer customized solutions in the field of Corrosion Control. In times to come, we hope to shine like the famous Kohinoor, the diamond of Golconda still embellishing the Royal Crown of British Empress by offering excellent Corrosion Management Solutions for our Customers world wide.

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